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July 5, 2006 by Evorg
By William J. Sharp, Air Force Office of Scientific Research Public Affairs

Arlington, Va., June 27, 2006 - The Air Force Office of Scientific Research recently began funding a new research area that includes a study of blogs.

Blog research may provide information analysts and warfighters with invaluable help in fighting the war on terrorism.

Drs. Brian E. Ulicny, senior scientist, and Mieczyslaw M. Kokar, president,Versatile Information Systems Inc., Framingham, Mass., will receive app...
March 16, 2006 by Evorg
This little video shows Boeing verifying the crosswind landing limits on the 777 and the 747SP.

The engineers design the landing gear system, goes up for a design review, gets manufactured, the maintenance people install it, ops check it, then jack and retract the system; but then Boeing test crews have to actually prove the design. Before the landing gear sideload limits gets etched in stone in the -1 flight manual.

So they sneak off to Brazil to do these tests at a certain remote BAF ba...
March 10, 2006 by Evorg
A week ago Cindy Sheehan decided not to protest at the LRMC hospital, instead to meet EU parliamentary members at the church in Landstuhl, and then conduct a protest march culminating at Ramstein AB. Her reason she wrote in the Palestine Chronicle was “let’s leave our troops out of our protests”. She goes on to say that,” she will set up Camp Casey at recruiting offices so our *children* cannot put on the uniform of a soldier”. On 08 March Cindy Sheehan sent an e-mail to the Stars and Stripes st...
March 5, 2006 by Evorg
German Loremo AG will introduce their ultra Efficient Car at the Motor Show 2006 (Link) in Geneva next week.

The car start-up developed a light-weight passenger car with outstanding aerodynamics.

The Loremo LS is powered by a 2 cylinder Turbo Diesel engine with 20 hp and 160km/h top speed. The thing is that the Loremo only needs 1.5l per 100km. This is approx. 157MPG.

The Toyota Prius hybrid has only 55MPG (combined city and highway).
With one tank (20l) in the Loremo LS you could dr...
March 3, 2006 by Evorg
From a survey conducted by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) in Afghanistan. Released on 11 Jan 2006.

The poll, conducted across ethnic groups including Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbek and Hazara communities, found large support for the US military presence in Afghanistan. Eighty-three percent said they have a favorable view of “the US military forces in our country” (39% very favorable). Just 17% have an unfavorable view.

The main factors from the poll:

Afghan Public Overwh...
February 27, 2006 by Evorg
RAMSTEIN, Germany — Cindy Sheehan, mother of a soldier killed in Iraq and the woman who protested the war last summer outside President Bush’s Texas ranch, is scheduled to bring her anti-war message to U.S. military installations in Germany next month.

The purpose:
to call attention to the fact that Germany is Europe’s logistical hub for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and others threatening Iran and the Middle East,” according to an event flier. “Germany has the power to stop the further use...
February 23, 2006 by Evorg
As of 23 February 2006, SpaceWar.com is banned by Google Inc.

SpaceWar.com is a respected news site covering military related space activities for the international aerospace community. SpaceWar.com is part of the SpaceDaily.com domain, along with TerraDaily, MarsDaily, SpaceMart, SinoDaily, and SpaceTravel which is owned by Space. TV Corp. Contributing news feeds come from AFP, UPI, and SPX.

The reasons for the ban by Google Inc. are unclear. No communication by Google prior to the ban...
January 23, 2006 by Evorg
Military statistics released 22 Jan 06

Insurgent attacks in 2005: 34,131
Insurgent attacks in 2004: 26,496
Attacks include Iraqi forces engaged in fighting.

Car bombs in 2005: 873
Car bombs in 2004: 420

Suicide car bombs in 2005: 411
Suicide car bombs in 2004: 133

Suicide bombers with vests in 2005: 67
Suicide bombers with vests in 2004: 7

Roadside bombs in 2005: 10,953
Roadside bombs in 2004: 5,607
Roadside bombs include discovered and diffused.

Force Protection
August 6, 2005 by Evorg
Once again it’s time for the annual Northern Hemisphere Perseid Meteor Shower. The shower will peak on Friday morning, August 12th between 0200 and daybreak. Look East to North East in the constellation Perseus. Mars can also be viewed in the neighboring constellation Aries at the same time.

The Perseid Meteor Shower originates from the tail of the comet Swift – Tuttle. The comet has long since gone from the solar system; debris from the comet’s tail still intersects Earth once a year. Travel...